How to post pictures? READ this & you'll know it!

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How to post pictures? READ this & you'll know it!

Post by frenchkiki on Fri 16 Apr - 16:33

How to decorate your dollhouse?


Signature Size:
images should be no more than 500 pixels x 180 pixels
in size. Only 3 lines of text if you are using a signature.

Avatar Size:

Avatars should be no more than 180 pixels x 200 pixels
in size.

How to post pictures

- Upload it onto a FREE Image Hosting site as the best so far

Image Upper this one is great

Imageshack No nudity allowed

ImageVenue They delete the pictures too often, really not the best

photobucket No nudity allowed




This is not a complete list. Please do not use ImageBam they have too much porn advertising!

How do I use the attachment feature?

Dollhouse has its own attachment feature. You must create an account at

Their Terms of Service
The following types of files constitute "abuse" may not be uploaded under any circumstances :

Pornographic files. This includes, but is not limited to, files depicting genitalia, nudity, or sexual situations.

Then when you want to post a picture click on the servimg icon above your main text (see images for more details)




To post youtube videos

ALWAYS use thumbnail to post pictures bigger than 600 PX

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