What to post in this House? - READ!

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What to post in this House? - READ!

Post by frenchkiki on Fri 16 Apr - 14:46

How to play with the dollhouse?

- Post only HQ pictures & full editorials

~~I want this forum to be a reference for the fans of Laetitia. So the small/tiny/blurry very low quality images are not what I expect to have here~~

- Do NOT put full size images in your posts. ALWAYS use image hosts that create small clickable thumbnails. Use the small thumbnail (utiliser l'option des miniatures ou vignettes) option that is available on every Imagehost you use.

- Do NOT use the bandwidth* of other sites. This includes official sites of designers, models, magazines, etc. If you want to post images upload them to an image host.

* The bandwidth est le lien d'une photo que vous copiez sur un forum ou un site pour le poster ailleurs.
The bandwidth is the link of a picture you copy from a forum or a web site to post it elsewhere
We also call it hotlinking

- Please credit the source of ALL images (magazine & year). If you do know the original scanner of an image, credit them.

not reposts EXCEPT when it's
A larger scan than previously posted
Better quality scan than previously posted

~~~~~~ VERY IMPORTANT ~~~~~~
NO PAPARAZZI images allowed. They will be deleted.


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